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Like most trades, there is more to sweeping chimneys than meets the eye. But, in a nutshell I offer the following services:

Sweeping chimneys and flues. And I use the latest tools and technologies (as well as traditional rods and brushes) to get the best results for the job in hand. My sweeping equipment includes the German-made Viper system — a continuous reel of flexible fibreglass, with a brush attached to its head — ideal for flexible metal liners connected to woodburners and the like. I also carry a suite of American- made “power-sweeping” rods and brushes — guaranteed to give your flue the most thorough sweep it has ever had.
Video inspection. It’s not always possible to discover what’s going on inside a flue just by shining a torch, craning one’s neck, or having a peek with a mirror. I always carry a video inspection camera, so that where there are any unresolved questions about the state of the chimney/flue, or possible blockages (eg: birds’ nests), I can send the 21st Century’s answer to the “sweep’s boy” up the chimney — a video camera. And what a useful tool it’s proven to be!
Re-roping woodburners / replacing gasket on soot doors. Woodburners and similar appliances usually have gasket paper and/or rope to form air- tight seals on doors. When they wear out (and they eventually do) it becomes difficult to control the amount of air entering the appliance, and thus the rate at which the fuel burns. I carry spare gasket rope and paper and (for a modest fee) am able to re seal the doors.


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